Sharing Knowledge

This dimension focuses on how students share what they have learned. The end result may be a simple sharing of information with others, to a formal research paper, to the construction of a website. This means students need to develop an understanding of presentation tools and resources, how to use them, and their effectiveness with various audiences. They must be able to cite their sources so their steps can be retraced.

Creativity plays an important role in sharing knowledge but students must learn to consider the context for presenting their information. They must decide how best they can convey their message to their audience—another life skill. Organizational skills and the ability to evaluate their work and make revisions are also important.

Resources on Sharing Knowledge

Information inquiry models and Sharing Knowledge

  • INFOhio
    • DIALOGUE - U -- Understand/Reflect: Creating, communicating new understandings.
    • Go INFOhio: Act - How do I work with others in a group?
    • Go INFOhio: Achieve - How do you present your project? How do I publish my work?
  • Depth of Knowledge (WI) - Show, construct, critique, explain phenomena in terms of concepts, design, create.
  • Pathways to Knowledge® - Expression; Communication; Creativity; Constructing and presenting new knowledge, choose appropriate format, organize content, solve problem, answer need, respect intellectual property, compose, write, design, create, draft/edit/revise, express ideas through best format.
  • Stripling Model of Inquiry - Express: Apply understandings to new context, new situation; Express new ideas to share learning with others.