About IMatrix

INFOhio’s IMatrix is a multidimensional framework designed to articulate the relationships among:

  • K-12 scaffolding of the 21st Century Skills,
  • College and Career Readiness Standards,
  • Common Core Standards, and
  • Research and Inquiry.

The IMatrix system demonstrates that no matter the grade or content area you teach, the latest standards [or the Common Core Standards] require you to incorporate some part of the inquiry process in classroom instruction. The six Dimensions of Inquiry cover the major inquiry concepts of:

INFOhio's IMatrix system will help you understand inquiry and offer you a variety of materials for integrating it into classroom instruction. In addition to demonstrating these relationships, the IMatrix provides links to skills and resources that meet the grade-specific needs of your students.

Imatrix was developed in a partnership between INFOhio and Hamilton County Educational Service Center. The INFOhio IMatrix design team was:

  • Tom Shessler—Hamilton County ESC Education Consultant
  • Ann Tepe—Education Consultant
  • Linda Johnson-Towles—Education Consultant
  • Mike Ridinger—INFOhio Web Developer
  • Gayle Geitgey-INFOhio Instructional Specialist

INFOhio, one of the country's largest and most comprehensive information networks, serves Ohio K-12 schools with library management software, digital content for the classroom, and professional development to support academic content standards and effective instruction. INFOhio offers a full range of programs to help educators better understand the expanding definition of literacy and how to use tools and technologies to support digital learning, To deliver those resources and services, INFOhio has forged strategic partnerships with Information Technology Centers (ITCs), The State Library of Ohio and other statewide library networks which combine federal, regional and local dollars to make cost-effective group purchases to save the state millions of dollars. Using these strategic partnerships enables all Ohio K-12 students and educators robust access to the research resources they need for rigorous academic study.

IMatrix is copyrighted by INFOhio. IMatrix was created with the Joomla CMS, version 2.5.x. IMatrix consists of hundreds of individual documents containing detailed information about each content standard, dimension of inquiry, grade level and subject area. Content is stored using Joomla's core content organization tools, making the content portable and easy to access. Each document's content is indexed and made searchable via the IMatrix web interface. The searching mechanism behind the web interface was custom designed and written in PHP by INFOhio's technical services team.

Recent efforts by INFOhio to support Ohio K-12 educators and their students include the INFOhio Learning Commons, the INFOhio ICoach program, INFOhio ISearch, Go!INFOhio and Learn with INFOhio webinars.